about us
about us

about us

One Stone started its activity in October 2005 in basalt processing and marketing.

It is located in the Malhadinha quarry, where, in cooperation with the company Madeira Inerte, it carries out an optimized selection of raw-material in accordance to the purpose. Currently with specialized employees and equipment and modern premises, Ecobasalto meets its clients’ demands, allowing for there to be a reduction in the cost of production.

The OneStone Basalt, already known commercially due to its use in pavements and cladding can be transformed to an ample variety of products for different uses (patio stones) and applications. Through the cut and differentiated selection of the pieces, its application can be carried out in any environment or surface.
As it is one of the most resistant materials to ware and ruptures, OneStone Basalt is the most appropriate stones for pavements and cladding both indoors and outdoors.

OneStone has specialized employees and equipment and modern premises in order to meet its clients’ demands and allow a reduction in the cost of production.

Transport and Packaging

We deliver the Basalt to the address you give us or to the closest port. The delivery date may vary according to the quantities requested and the country.

  • We can supply in big quantities and we can negotiate free on board (FOB) prices with our clients.  For big quantities the Basalt is usually transported in 20’ containers, up to a maximum of 27 tons, for small quantities we deliver the product to a forwarding agent, who will be in charge of the transport and delivery.
  • The Packaging normally used for sett paving, pavements and gravel is a Big Bag. The Big Bag can transport about 1200-1300 kilos, with a capacity of up to 1m3. The Big Bags are open at the top and they are resistant. They can also be packaged in wood boxes.
  • The Packages normally used for Kerbs, Walls, Cladding and Square Stone Blocks are pallets or wooden boxes.