• Atrium Stone

    Atrium Stone

    This very ingenious and exquisite Atrium of various colored stones is thought to be a mosaic. A atrium stone pattern.

  • Portuguese pavement art

    Decorative sidewalk

    This very inventive and beautiful walkway of different coloured stones is regarded as a mosaic. An Awfully beautiful compass as Ornamental sidewalk.

  • paving

    Cobblestone, a map at the scale of 1:1

    The calciteros of Portugal had been unknowingly putting in the largest map ever produced. Simplest 12 centimetres deep however spread over Four continents, calcada portuguesa pavements define Portuguese public home at a 1:1 scale. (more…)

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OneStone engages in the processing and marketing of ornamental stone and basalt sett paving. The stones used are from the Portugal Center and are subject to a strict selection process.

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